Jewish Wedding In Los Angeles

Nothing says glamour like an ethereal wedding in the Hollywood Hills, followed by a candle-lit private dinner for 60 in your gorgeous modern hillside Los Angeles home…followed by a wicked Great Gatsby themed after party in the Chateau Marmont’s infamous Room 64. Meghan & Marc’s beautiful 60’s era architectural home was the venue for this intimate and warm black tie jewish wedding in Los Angeles. Wedding planner to the stars Michael Habicht replaced Meghan and Marc’s furniture with rows of long elegant candle-lit banquet tables with the couple’s table 1 on their terrace overlooking the city below. Using old books, urns, various neo-classic antiquities and curiosities Michael created a world of timeless elegance and splendor.

There’s something so elegant and classic about a black tie dress event and I really love documenting them. There’s also something special about photographing California weddings, something in the air, something about the light, after all these years it remains one of my favorite places to make pictures. This California wedding was an absolute pleasure to capture visually and emotionally, and so many interesting and talented people. Everyone had such a great time!!