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Photographing Valentino In Paris

I discovered my passion for wedding and event photography in 2003, when the International Brand Ambassador for Valentino invited me to photograph the prolific designer’s Paris fashion show. I had never photographed an event before, but a few hours later I was backstage framing the likes of Naomi

Event Photographer At The French Consulate In NYC

What a great pleasure it was to be the event photographer for Yves-Andre Istel’s French Legion d’Honneur induction ceremony and dinner at the French Consulate in NYC and the French Institute Alliance Francaise. Msr. Istel’s induction ceremony was intimate and elegant, certainly one of the most

Event Photographer In Beverly Hills

When we think of Beverly Hills we imagine a world of fashion, celebrity, sophistication, and the fantasy of a luxurious lifestyle. The city of Beverly Hills is, without question, one of the most alluring and glamorous brands in the world. But it took the collective vision of the MLB Group to bring

Event Photographer At The Harold Pratt House in New York

Everybody loves surprise parties! In the weeks leading up to the event you feel like a covert agent on a top secret mission. So I was intrigued when Sarkis contacted me to photograph his beautiful wife Maral’s surprise birthday party at the exclusive and historic Harold Pratt House on the upper

Event Photography At The Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills

They plotted, they planed, they conspired behind Judi’s back. Whispers on the phone at night, emails sent in the wee hours. Bruce, her loyal and doting husband of 28 years was keeping the truth from her, spinning lie after lie, each day more and more deception. Did she know? Was she suspicious? She

Event Video NYC at LAVO Club

Often when we are not busy photographing weddings, we are hired to make event videos, corporate reels, and birthday parties. We created a special type of editorial event video NYC where we make our subjects look like movie stars. We have shot event videos in nightclubs, event venues, restaurants,