Custom Wedding Album Design In NYC

wedding album design nyc

If you’re looking for custom wedding album design in NYC, you’ve come to the right place. Every Lux Photos wedding photo album includes image color correction retouching, custom album layout design, printing, binding and shipping. This goes for all of our albums including our event photo albums, coffee table books, anniversary photo albums, special event photo albums and party photo books. All-inclusive pricing allows you the freedom to bring your dream album to life without worrying about fees for extra edits and services. Your album is only finished when you’re thrilled!

Our wedding photo albums are designed in our studio in New York, then printed and bound by Queensberry of New Zealand. Over the last 20 years we’ve worked with the world’s leading wedding and event album creators, and then we discovered the elegance and craftsmanship of Queensberry albums and haven’t looked back since…they’re just that special. The Rolls Royce, Queensberry albums have the very best leathers, printing, binding and fabrication style. We’re artists and craftsmen, so we always want our work to be presented in the best and most unique way possible for all of our clients. Quite simply, if you look good we look good. So if you want the very best wedding photo album available, together we can make your dream album a reality.

How It Works

1. Choose a DUO, FLUSHMOUNT or TREASURE BOX from our Custom New York Wedding Photo Albums page, or here in our New York City wedding album design studio.

2. Choose your cover material and color.

3. Decide on the cover motif you prefer.

4. Decide how many pages you want. All our albums come standard with 15 pages. Since there are 2 sides per page that’s 30 sides. The number of pages you choose is usually dependent on the length of the amount of wedding day coverage and the number of guests. We believe less is always more so we always want our albums to tell your wedding or event day story with the least amount of images possible. From our experience, if you’re making a 10 x 7″ album and had 10 hrs of event coverage with 2 photographers, 120 guests, you’ll probably want to add 6-8 more pages to include family and closest friends as well as the events of the day. If you’re making a 14 x 10″ album, with the same variables as above, 4-6 additional pages should be enough. Our premium 18 x 12″ album is perfect at 15 pages because each page is large enough to include more images without loosing too much image size. That said, most of the 18 x 12″ albums our clients create are 16-20 pages. To really have a feeling for the album sizes and page numbers come by our wedding album design studio to see our samples.

5. Choose your favorite images and send us the images on a usb thumb drive or via online file transfer. If Lux Photos photographed your wedding or event just send us the image names by email and we’ll pull them from our files. The question is how many images should you send us? That depends on the size of your album, the number of pages, and of course the length of coverage, number of guests, etc… That said, once we know most of those details we will recommend how many images you should send. If the album includes aprox 100 images we will want you to send us the 50-60 that are your must-haves. If Lux Photos photographed your event we will add our choices to craft an album that not only includes the most important people and moments, but artfully tells the story of your wedding or event. This includes detail shots, fun moments, ambiance and the rest. If Lux Photos didn’t photograph your event you’ll want to send us the high resolution color corrected files your photographer gave you so we can go through the images and pick the best additional shots to complete your album edit.

6. Our graphic designer will create the layout and pagination for your album.

7. You’ll receive an email link to view the online layout.

8. We schedule a phone call to view and discuss the online layout together. Every album is an evolution, so you’re welcome to make changes and modifications.

9. You receive an email link to view the updated layout. If you want to make further changes let’s do it. It’s your album and it has to be perfect!

10. Once you OK the final layout your album goes to the printer and then to the binder.

11. Usually within 30 days your album arrives and everyone knows it because you can’t stop smiling!

The whole process usually takes around 90 days. If your images are not color corrected to our high standards when we receive them we will do our best to enhance them, but this always depends on the quality of the images we have to work with. The quality of photography and the quality/resolution of the images determine the ultimate image/printing quality. Depending on the state of the images we receive there may be an extra fee for color corrections, black and white transfers, etc… For our Lux Photos wedding and event clients there is never an additional fee for this since the images have already been adjusted to our standards. For our clients who want our premium imaging service we offer photo retouching to smooth skin, enhance details, thin out arms/legs, improve skin tones, take obstructions out of the foreground or background (your Uncle running into the background of your cake cutting moment) and more. This is truly an exclusive imaging post production service and available for all our clients. Retouching fees depend on the work needed and the total number of images to retouch. Contact us to discuss.

See our photo album options section for all the possible cover and design options that can go into your wedding photo album.

Contact us today to place an order for your wedding photography albums. We’ll be happy to invite you to our studio to show you samples of our albums, photo boxes, and retouched gallery prints. or call/text (212) 882-1034