Event Photography At The Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills

They plotted, they planed, they conspired behind Judi’s back. Whispers on the phone at night, emails sent in the wee hours. Bruce, her loyal and doting husband of 28 years was keeping the truth from her, spinning lie after lie, each day more and more deception. Did she know? Was she suspicious? She couldn’t find out, that would ruin everything. As they say in Hollywood, “the pictures don’t lie.” Judi’s surprise birthday party featured a VERY SURPRISED Judi, and an incredibly relieved Bruce! Friends and family flew in from around the country to attend the cloak and dagger gala dinner at the ultra elegant Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. As you can see, it was a night Judi will never forget. Mission accomplished Bruce! (enter Mission Impossible theme song) Event photography at the Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills is always a treat. The hotel staff are attentive and kind, and their catering staff is 5 stars. This is one of our favorite Beverly Hills venues for intimate events and gatherings.