Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

top 10 wedding photographers nyWelcome to Lux Photos Frequently Asked Questions page. Below we hope we’ve answered most of your wedding photography, wedding videography and wedding album design questions. Of course every wedding and event is truly unique, and we offer a wide range of services, so if you have any more questions, or if you’d like to stop by our NYC wedding studio to discuss your special event or album creation please drop us an email or call us at your convenience. While we have pre-formulated NYC and destination wedding photography, wedding videography, event photography and event videography packages, we often customize our menu of photographer and videographer services to meet the needs of our amazing clients. It’s your special day and everything is possible.


Our packages are priced according to the number of hours required to provide our wedding and event clients the coverage they need. We’ve found that our clients prefer to mix and match our wedding and event photography, videography and album creation services a-la-carte vs having to choose from pre-designated options. However, we do offer discounts for clients who wish to combine our services, making the services more affordable in the process. That said, every wedding and event is wonderfully unique, so once we have a better understanding of your vision and the dynamics of your event we can custom tailor a package to suit your individual needs.


We work with a handful of exceptional associate photographers on both coasts and always choose the photographer who we feel is the best fit for each wedding. There are usually a minimum of 2 photographers (Joshua Lawrence and a Lux Photo associate photographer) and 1 photo assistant on most weddings. Events normally include 1 photographer (Joshua Lawrence) and a photo assistant. Depending on the size and demands of your wedding or event, additional photographers and assistant photographers may be recommended. For smaller more intimate weddings or events 2 photographers may not be needed. Once we understand more about your event, the number of guests, your budget and the logistical realities of the day, we will make our recommendations.


Family portraits are some of the most important photographs of the day. We usually suggest to our clients that these photographs are made before the ceremony because you, your family and bridal party will probably want to join everyone else at the reception once the ceremony and receiving line are over. This allows you and your new husband time to have a cocktail and to make some fun newlywed portraits before making your big entrance at the reception. But whether you schedule these images before or after the ceremony, be sure to make time for these portraits because they are precious. We will work closely with your planner to make sure the schedule includes ample time, not only to capture these images, but to make sure everyone enjoys the process.


There’s no way to accurately predict exactly how many images will be included in your edit. Typically, for a wedding with 150 people, with 2 photographers, you can expect 800+ color corrected  images from a 10-12 hour wedding. If there’s a rehearsal dinner the night before, that would add another 150-200 color corrected images to your edit from that event. A destination wedding client with a 3 day event, 60 guests, can expect approximately 1,200 color corrected images. Number of guests, size of venue, weather, and activities planned are some of the factors that determine the number of images included in your edit.


One of the things that really sets Lux Photo  apart is the amount of time and expertise we invest in the editing, color correcting, and retouching process. A single wedding takes approximately 70 hrs of editing and post production work in Lightroom and Photoshop before the images meet our standards of excellence. Destination weddings and multi-day events can take 80+ hrs to edit and color correct. Our retoucher is a Photoshop guru specializing in beauty retouching and we’re lucky to have him on our team. Every image is individually edited, corrected for color, saturation, tonality, density, vibrance, sharpness and overall image integrity. This work includes digital darkroom techniques like dodging and burning, masking, black and white transfers, and much more. A typical Lux Photo edit is 25-35% black and white and 65-75% color. Black tie events are closer to 50% black and white and 50% color.


Once the post production work is done (usually within 30 days of your event) the images will be uploaded to your private online gallery. We’ll send you a link so you, your family, and your guests can relive the moments, make prints, and share images with friends on social media. 90 days after your event we’ll transfer all the high resolution color corrected images to you for your archives. All wedding and event packages include professionally retouched archival gallery prints in 8.5×11”, 11×14”, or 16×20” formats.


Our studio shoots exclusively in digital. Digital sensors allow us to shoot in lower light with less visible noise/grain than we would get with film. With a digital workflow we spend more time shooting and less time loading and unloading film. The result is extremely consistent image quality which is especially important when it’s time to layout your album.


Engagement sessions are the best way for a couple and their photographer to get to know one another before the demands of the wedding day. We really enjoy this time with our wedding couples.  Getting to know a couple’s energy together plays a big role in how we approach the wedding day. Most of all, it’s just a lot of fun running around making romantic and whimsical images which capture the love, connection, and humor that makes every wedding couple’s love story their own. Before your engagement shoot we’ll discuss your ideas for the session. This includes concept, location, inspiration, wardrobe, and any props you might want to include. Once that’s decided, the next step is to book a date for the shoot. Hair and makeup artists are always recommended but not required. We work with many incredibly talented artists and are happy to make those arrangements for you. Within 30 days of the shoot (usually much faster) you’ll receive an email with a link to a private online gallery, where you’ll find the color corrected edit of the best images of the day. Once we know which images you want, the retouching and printing process takes less than 30 days. We’ll also transfer high resolution color corrected images to you for your archives. Every engagement session comes with retouched fine art gallery prints.


A talented hair and makeup team is essential not only to allow a bride to achieve her vision, but to give her (and her girls) a confidence boost going into such an important day. Working between the worlds of fashion, beauty and weddings we have access to some incredibly talented hair and makeup artists in NY, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris and London and are happy to make referrals.


By adding Lux Photos to your wedding registry, friends and family can help you realize the photography package and wedding album of your dreams. Skip the blender, the fruit bowl, and the monogrammed napkins; the pictures in your album will mean so much more to you in the years to come. It’s easy to set up and you’ll be surprised how excited your friends and family are to be a part of this most special of wedding gifts.


Payment by cash, personal check, bank transfer, and credit card are all accepted. A retainer of 50% of the total fee is required at contract signing with the balance due no less than 60 days prior to the event. Your date is reserved upon contract signing and receipt of the deposit.


We carry ample liability insurance. If your venue requires proof of insurance please let us know at least 30 days before the date so we have enough time to forward the appropriate paperwork to our carrier.