Georgian Wedding and Great Neck Wedding Videography

Georgian Weddings are well known for their traditional customs and rituals performed both before and during the ceremony. A typical Georgian style wedding will have a large guest list of over a hundred guests and it is considered a ‘must’ to attend. The traditional ceremony consists of three stages: “Machankloba” which is the marriage proposals, “Nishnoba” the betrothal, and “Korstili” which is the wedding.

Great Neck Wedding Videography

The ‘abduction of the bride’ is done to avoid huge wedding costs and is normally hosted by the bride and her family before the ‘Korstili’. Family plays an important role in the whole process and the relative’s approval of the wedding is very important, so the groom and bride’s families must get to know each other well prior to the betrothal. Due to the size and calibre of Georgian weddings, they’re loud and joyous events. “Tamada” otherwise known as master of ceremony must make the first toast for a peaceful and prosperous life and further encourages all guests to make a toast to the newly weds. And the most important part: Great Neck wedding videography service by New York’s LuxPhotos was there to document and make a feature wedding film.

Venue: Leonard’s Palazzo 555, Great Neck NY