Tappan Hill Mansion Wedding by Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers

Many Hudson Valley wedding photographers know about this hidden gem. They say Mark Twain owned this colonial style mansion, but never actually lived there. Located in Tarrytown, easily the most scenic town in Hudson Valley, Tappan Hill is ran by wonderful Abigail Kirsch company – we are always impressed by their service, food, and attention to detail. All wedding photographs are created by Hudson Valley wedding photographers LuxPhotos.

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Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers luxphotos_tappan_hill_mansion_wedding_55

This wedding was photographed by LuxPhotos, Hudson Valley wedding photographers just past the Labor Day weekend. It is a really beautiful time of the year to have a wedding upstate NY. If we had our pick though, the best time to have a wedding in upstate New York is the fall. The color palette provided by the nature itself cannot be matched.

Location: Tappan Hill Mansion, Tarrytown, NY abigailkirsch.com/exclusive-locations/tappan-hilltarrytown
Catering: Abigail Kirsch www.abigailkirsch.com