Long Island Wedding Videography at Allegria Hotel Long Beach NY

If you are trying to decide wether to have your wedding in New York or at an exotic destination, please do not forget about the third option – Long Island. Surprising as it may sound, Long Beach in Long Island combines the perks of both, the large and fancy local wedding, and the sand and ocean of a destination wedding. It is only 30 minutes drive from Manhattan, and there are many wonderful and spacious venues that are located right on the beach, Allegria Hotel being one of our favorites. So you can invite all the hundreds of guests you wanted to invite, and they do not need to make any travel arrangements. Yet, at the same time you can have a beach wedding. In other words, rephrasing the famous words by Marie Antoinette, you can have your wedding cake and you can eat it too. And LuxPhotos will provide the finest Long Island wedding videography for your event.

Long Island Wedding Videography

Venue: The Allegria Hotel www.allegriahotel.com