Miami Wedding Photographer Shoots E-Photo Session

We fell in love that day with this wonderful couple that travelled from Dallas to be photographed in Miami by LuxPhotos, Miami wedding photographer. Below are some highlights of the many great images that came from photographing throughout the day in multiple locations listed above. It was a lot of work, a lot of driving, but ultimately it was totally worth it.

Engagement session tips:

Mood Boards

If you’re looking to capture your lifestyle in your shoot, consider creating a mood board. Mood boards are generally a collage created out of related colors, images, and textures as a design palette. If you’re creating a mood board for inspiration, try starting with an image that is central to your relationship or your chosen theme and build from there. Pinterest is an excellent tool to create a moodboard and share it with your vendors, so they can give you feedback or suggestions and get a good idea of the style you are going for.


We encourage our couple’s to wear outfits that are THEM but that still bring out their playful, creative side. Colors are great, and when mixed together in coordinating fashion – they are even better. For example, if the bride is planning to wear a dress with pink, blue & yellow patterns, we would encourage the groom to wear a shirt that suits his taste and personality but maybe in a blue shade. The colors on each of them will compliment each other! We also love to encourage our couples to bring along an outfit change so that they can add variety to their shoot.

We really think that people should be themselves! But professional make-up never hurt anyone The camera loves a matte look and professional make-up comes out looking so perfect in camera! The goal of the engagement session (for us) is to capture the couples’ personalities, affection, character – so if they get too done up then the essence of who they are starts to become hidden.


We think any prop that helps a) create a space that will give the couple comfort during their shoot… and b) that will help highlight the couple’s personality is perfect for their engagement photos. Some times, we don’t understand the prop – but we don’t have to get it! The couple knows what it means to them and that is the most important part! The photos are for them, and the time during their session is their time. We think that anything that helps them enjoy that time together is perfect in our book.

Advice to the couple

When it comes to the camera, no one is prepared for what is to come! The best advice we could give someone is to be themselves and have fun with it! It’s not every day that you get to spend 2 hours together doing nothing but staring into each other’s eyes, holding hands, hugging, kissing and being super sweet to one another… so take advantage of that time! And for our clients – we want them to forget we are there! If we need you to do something specific, we’ll let you know but otherwise we just want to capture photos of you guys being genuine and being together.

Some tricks of the trade include: taking eye drops one hour before the shoot to take the red out of your eyes, always get your hair and make-up professionally done – you’ll look and feel fabulous! Try to stay with a certain color palette or scheme with your props and wardrobe, avoid tiny or busy prints and ultra thin lines since they tend not to photograph well, have lots of fun, be playful, and relax and let your photographer guide you!

Location: Coral Gables Prado Entrance
Location: Alice Wainwright Park
Location: Icon Brickell
Location: Bill Baggs Park