Miami Wedding Photographers From NYC

As much as we love photographing weddings in our native New York city, when we get a call to photograph a destination wedding we jump on the opportunity to do so. Especially when it involves flying to Miami, our favorite Florida destination. This small but cute wedding was shot at the breathtaking The Kampong Resort at the Coconut Grove in Miami, this wedding was a bit challenging to photograph, as most of it happened outdoors, right under the harsh spring Florida sun, but with the help of our trusty fill-in flashes we overcame all the lighting obstacles. And that is how Miami wedding photographers from New York roll.

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Miami Wedding Photographers

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Shooting details at weddings comes as second nature to a good wedding photographer. Even when there is not much details to photograph we get creative, shooting what is available from various angles, rearranging details, changing backgrounds, and modifying the lights. Who cares about the details you ask? Three people: the photographer, the bride, and the wedding planner.

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Photographing a wedding outdoors in the middle of the sunny day is not the best case scenario for a wedding photographer, but when you have to do it these tips will help you create great photographs. Try to get your subjects under a shade, naturally., but when it is not an option use a filler flash (like Canon EX580-II) powered all the way down. This will help you avoid the harsh and deep shadows created by the sun.

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Miami Wedding Photographer

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A great wedding photographer with years of experience knows that photographing a wedding is all about capturing the emotions, the details, and most importantly the “little moments”: looks, glimpses, raw emotions, silent prayers, flirty eyes, tears, and million of other tiny micro expressions of feelings.

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Miami Wedding Photography

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We also did an amazing editorial together photo session with this bride and groom, which we will present to our readers in another blog post, which those engagement photographs rightfully deserve.

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Miami Wedding Photo

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Location: The Kampong, Coconut Grove, Miami FL