Jewish Moroccan Montreal Wedding Photography

One of our favorite and most memorable events, this Montreal wedding photography project is presented as a sample wedding album layout. For our custom wedding album lineup visit our wedding albums page.

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While it is true that we are New York based wedding photographers and cinematographers, we occasionally do photograph weddings away from our beloved NYC. Besides adventurous destination weddings in the hot tropics and the ever popular Caribbean islands, we have a few cities that we serve constantly due to our close ties with local event planners and a well knit network of friends and even family members. These cities are Miami in Florida, Los Angeles in California, Toronto in Ontario, and most frequently Montreal in a very unique Canadian province of Quebec. We crash Montreal wedding photography scene and hopefully leave a great lasting impression.

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The getting ready before the wedding took place at bride’s home in Hampstead, an affluent borough of Montreal, filled with stately mansions, large parks, crescent roads, with ridiculously low speed limits. During the preparation, we shot the wedding dress details, make-up, hair, and everything else mostly with natural light, almost always bounced with a reflector. The bride’s house had a skylight in it so in most situations we only needed a small fill-in flash light to balance and we were fine.

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The groom got ready at his apartment with two dozen of his boys keeping him entertained. The smoking of the cigar with his best man was one of our favorite and most picturesque scenes of this wedding day, the way smoke enveloped their faces, the energy between the boys, and of course the little dog – we just could not resist but take a few dozen photographs.

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We hope that by looking at these wedding photographs you will see how beautiful, sentimental, touching, and wild this jewish Moroccan wedding was – it stands out among our many Montreal wedding photography projects. The bride’s dress, the wonderful traditions, the loving family, the soulful and gorgeous bride and groom, and all the details in between made our job as wedding photographers and videographers much easier and way more enjoyable.

Venue: Shaare Zion Congregation, Montreal