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Fresh from New Jersey wedding videographers, Russian-Jewish wedding video. A traditional Jewish wedding is full of meaningful rituals. It starts at Yom Kippur which is considered the holiest day of one’s life, celebrated on the morning of the wedding day it consists of the fasting from dawn till completion of the ceremony and the groom must wear a kittel, which is a white robe symbolic of Yom Kippur. The bride and groom do not see each other for one week prior to the wedding and so they greet their guests separately, the bride greets them by her throne she is seated upon and the groom greets his with singing and toasts. The wedding ceremony takes place under the canopy known as a ‘chuppah’ which is a symbol of the home that the new couple will build together. A cup of wine is sipped by the groom and bride as a symbol of the betrothal blessings as wine is a symbol affiliated with prayer.

New Jersey Wedding Videographers

The marriage is official once the ring is exchanged from the groom to the bride under the chuppah which is the followed by readings of the marriage contract in original Aramaic which is then signed by both groom and bride. Finally a glass is placed on the floor and the groom shatters it with his foot serving as a expression of sadness at the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and identifies the couple with the spiritual and national destiny of the Jewish people. The guests all join in for the Seudah festive meal and the festivities commence.

Venue: The English Manor, Ocean Township NJ