Espace Traditional NY Jewish Wedding Video

This wonderful NY Jewish wedding video happened a while ago at the trendy EspaceNY in the Hell’s Kitchen of New York City. We have shot a few dozen events at this venerable NYC wedding location, but never have we seen it like this, filled with the most beautiful flowers and floral arrangements, decorated with finesse and style to host a Jewish wedding with two different cultural rituals. First, according to the bride’s family traditions, there would be a Sephardic Jewish ritual, followed by a set of Ashkenazi Jewish wedding traditions. There was even two rabbis of different religious denominations present, to make sure all wedding rituals went in accordance with various religious dogmas and rules.

Traditional NY Jewish Wedding Video

The challenge of this Jewish wedding videography was in timing and light. Even though the light at Espace was plenty, one would describe it more as being “funky” – very colorful, bright, moving, great for the guests and the party, but not quite as amazing for the wedding videography purposes. So we had to light up the scene ourselves as much as we could. Also, everything happened way too fast and regretfully, the bride and groom were only able to afford to get our smallest most simple event videography package, so we did not have enough professionals on the floor to cover this event as well as we wished. Sometimes the couple would spend a fortune putting on the event, but would not have anything left for professional photographers and videographers to actually capture it perfectly, and create those everlasting memories.

Venue: Espace, New York NY