NYC Wedding Videographers at St Regis Hotel

As NYC wedding videographers we document many weddings each each, yet we always have a few of our favorites. This is one of the finest samples of our work, a wedding video shot by a two-person crew of NYC Wedding Videographers last January at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. The bride and groom were a lovely and beautiful Korean couple, and their friends and family were charming and warm, and supportive of our creative process.

NYC Wedding Videographers

Although this was not a very traditional Korean wedding, we would like to write a few words about the Korean wedding customs. Korean weddings traditionally consist of two parts. First the elaborately costumed groom will ride into the house of the bride on a palanquin to share ceremonial sips of wine in private. The couple will then change to their traditional Korean clothes and pay respects to the both their parents. The wedding itself is generally held in a hall or hotel and only lasts around fifteen minutes. An important person such as a legal or religious official officiates, but the marriage is not legal until the couple signs the register. Guests are expected to bring money instead of wedding gifts for the bride and groom and will normally be greeted and accepted by the a family member from the groom or bride’s side.

In this video we used a video slider and a steadycam for some of the shots, however most of the wedding was filmed with the use of tripod and a monopod. As NYC wedding videographers we highly recommend bringing a slider to film all the weddings and events. It adds enormously to the production value of any wedding.

Venue: St. Regis Hotel, NYC