Uptown Wedding Videographers at Pratt House New York City

We love the Pratt House for its European style receptions, a unique quality among New York wedding and event venues. The Harold Pratt House and Peterson Hall are among New York’s top venues to cater to high budget traditional weddings on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Luxury event venue by the weekends, it hosts the Council on Foreign Relations during the week. A wedding at the Pratt House typically involves a few moves from one room to another, which is flawlessly coordinated by the well-trained staff. Do not be fooled by coziness of this venue, as it easily hosts birthday parties and weddings of 100-150 people. Mr.Pratt, the son of oil tycoon, built his home with panache, european elegance, and great attention to detail.

Uptown Wedding Videographers New York City

This classic Upper East Side wedding started with a simple and tasteful wedding ceremony at the St. Vincent Ferrer church, followed by a “together” photo session at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park. Finally, guests gathered at the stately Harold Pratt House for the celebratory dinner, dancing and all in all a very pleasant soiree. The challenging and unique part of filming a wedding at Pratt House is the fact that the event is spread out among the many rooms of the venue. The uniqueness of it is because most of the wedding venues are typically just one big room, so if you are a wedding photographer or a videographer, and you stay in the main room you know nothing will be missed. As long as you are present there physically and ready to shoot, you will have all the footage. At Pratt House we had to move very fast between the rooms to make sure we do not miss any “action”.

The sheer elegance of the venue and well thought out layout of the place made our jobs as uptown wedding videographers much easier, and the staff was friendly and professional, and actually quite helpful with our artistic demands. In all sincerity we are looking forward to shoot more weddings and special events at the Pratt House.

Venue: The Pratt House www.pratthouse.com