NYC Wedding Photographer Reviews

“Thank you so much!! We had a great time and the pictures are amazing. I can not thank you enough for your flexibility and kindness. You made our day very special.”

– Shayla & Ryan, New York NY

Latino Wedding Photos Miami Engagement Photography

“BIG thanks to LuxPhotos for a wonderful experience. We love our pictures so much! X) ♥”

– Monica & Sergio, Miami FL

NY Jewish Wedding Ashkenazi Wedding NYC

“We got the DVDs, thank you so much they’re PERFECT! my mom and fam saw the video and lovedddddddd it btw!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Candice & Joseph, Manhattan NY

“The pictures look great! Thank you for everything. Our families thought that you and your team were great. Hope you had a good time.”

– Joyce & Constantine, Brooklyn NY

“These look amazing!! I keep looking at the pics and love them more and more!! Scott and I should finalize our “favorites” tonight.”

– Jen & Scott, New York NY

“These photos are absolutely AMAZING!! I am in LOVE with these photos. So is my mom…she can’t stop looking at them!! I had a blast that day and was so happy to have Lux there to take photos and video! You guys were so much fun and easy to work with!! You ROCK! Now all you gotta do is put the pics in a magazine and make me famous…then your job will be done! hahaha… Seriously, I was so happy to have you guys there. Your crew is fantastic! We’ll definitely be ordering lots of photos. Can’t wait to see everything!!”

– Jeanette & Paul, Pleasantdale NJ

“We just looked at all the images at breakfast and they are fantastic! Please tell your team how pleased we are. Thanks again for an amazing job.”

– David & Yuco, Westchester NY

Wedding photograph in Montreal Quebec wedding

“How can we thank you for your generosity and talent? Your team really knew how to relay all the emotions and excitement onto film. I treasure those photographs and so does my family…Thank you again for everything. I can’t express how much it means to all of us. If there is ever anything we can do – perhaps a reference letter or a recommendation – please let me know!”

– Stephanie & Boris, Montreal QC

“Many thanks again for all the beautiful pictures. I love them!”

– Ana Maria & Jon, NYC NY

“Thanks – they look great! Everyone commented how nice they are. Thanks again!!!!”

– Jill & Tommy, Staten Island NY

Long Island Bride Long Beach wedding

“I totally love them!! Wish it wasn’t so damn hot though!!! …Seeing those pictures makes me wish I was a model. I would love to do print work! LOL! If anyone asks…I am available! Ha ha ha!!”

– Tash & Seth, Long Island NY

Montreal Wedding Quebec Wedding

“Very nice! You did an amazing job! 1000 fois merci!!”

– Isabelle & Ari, Saint-Pierre de-l’ile-d’Orleans QC

Montreal Wedding Quebec Wedding

“Thanks! Was on the road this week, so just got a chance to look at the photos with Adri. We love them! Looking forward for the book, I’m sure it will be amazing. Thanks again!!”

– Adriana & Andy, New York NY

Miami Engagement SoBe Wed Photo

“You are the most amazing photographer, your work is priceless! Thank you so much!!”

– Erica & Nelson, Miami FL

Central Park Engagement NYC Engagement

“Thank you, they look great!”

– Fernanda & Jorge, Mexico City, Mexico

Russian NY Wedding Brooklyn Wedding

Thank you so much!!! The photos look amazing!!! Lenny and I will look through them again tonight!”

– Jenny & Lenny, Brooklyn NY

Central Park Photography Engagement Session

“The photos look great.”

– Jennee & Michael, Staten Island NY

Jewish Engagement Montreal Montreal Engagement

“U got me excited! I want to see all of them!”

– Elodie & Ness, Montreal QC

Destination wedding Dominican Punta Cana Wedding

“Awww super thank you!!! You r awesome!!!! That is GREAT!!! There are a lot of great shots there. Great job!!!!! So so so so beautiful!!! And so much!!!! I love it! Will be hard to pick we got soooo many amazing ones!!!! Thank you
thank you thank you )))))”

– Natalia & Igor, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Swiss Wedding Wedding in Switzerland

“Hey, the photos from the wedding are fantastic, thank you so much!! And there are so many of them!! It’s a great feeling to think back to that nice day with these nice pictures.”

– Pauline & Stephan, Switzerland

Chelsea Engagement Bridal shoot Chelsea

“OMG!!! These made my heart stop!!! You are so amazing!!! We love love love the photos! They are great!”

– Sarah & Bobby, Westchester NY

Wedding in Philadelphia Philly wedding

“We love all the pictures you have posted from all your latest works!”

– Paula & Patrick, Philadelphia PA

Wedding in Queens Vietnamese wedding NY

“Thank you so much my favorite person in the whole wide world! Wow I love the photos!!! Thank you so much Yura! The color & the flash really captured the mood nicely in the ballroom…I love you! The one you took of my dress and the rings came out amazing!”

– Jasmine & Massimo, East Windsor NJ

NY Jewish Wedding Ashkenazi Wedding NYC

“As always, it was an absolute pleasure to meet with you… By the way, thanks again!”

– Stephanie & Brian, Evon CT

Wedding in Bronx Ukrainian wedding NY

“Thank you so much!”

– Melanie & Terence, Bronx NY

Wedding in Miami Wedding coconut grove

“The pictures are beautiful!!! It was such a pleasure working with you and we are thrilled with the photographs.”

– Kim & Jon, Miami FL

Chinese wedding NYC Wedding New York

“Everyone loves our wedding pictures. It is very exciting to share the photos with friends, and surprised NY was so beautiful in winter!”

– Grace & Stanley, Hong Kong

Gay wedding NYC Gay connecticut wedding

“Hello we just wanted to tell you we had a wonderful wedding. The pictures look amazing. We love them!!!!!”

– Megahann & Gisele, Watertown CT

Hindu wedding Miami muslim wedding ceremony

“You deserve all the recommendations!”

– Zeba & Farhat, Coral Gables FL